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Zoo kills cubs to cut costs!

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I wonder why these cubs can't come to the USA or another country that can take care of them.
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Originally Posted by Granola View Post

Yeah, it's a shame. Lions are my favorite animals, so it as heart breaking to hear.

It just goes to show you, people would rather kill these animals then deal with the fact that they were losing a little money. If you are going to have an animal, you have to be responsible for it's costs. What do you do if you can't afford an animal? You give it to someone who can, you don't kill it. It's common sense, if you're a zoo or just a single person.

Sadly there are some zoos out there who see their animals as money-gaining objects, and not living creatures to educate people about. Maybe I'm silly, but I though that was what most zoos were all about. What kind of image is that going to give people?

"Love all animals, until you can't afford them anymore."

Exfreakinactly! This is gay. Why do people do this?!?! I'm ashamed of ever eating meat.
AND I WANT THIS TO STOP!! But don't we all.

But we can't do anything.
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