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Zoo kills cubs to cut costs!

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I wonder why these cubs can't come to the USA or another country that can take care of them.
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The reason they can't give them or sell them to other zoos is due to a lack of planning. The process is very long and drawn out, every country has different regulations regarding the transport, purchase, and conditions under which zoo animals can be exchanged. It can take years of planning and organisation, but in my opinion that's no excuse. If you can't deal with the cubs then don't let them breed, and if you're worried about their social structure being interferred with by removing the males then you need to have a breeding program organised with other zoos. Most endangered animals have a studbook for breeding in captivity and one person who deals with that book in the world. That person determines which animals should breed with which in order to conserve the species. I don't know why these people aren't operating under this system.
You're talking about AZA-accredtited zoos or the non-US equivalent. These people aren't operating under that agreement because their objective isn't even disguised as "conservation and education," it's outright purposeful killing and breeding for profit. Like a calf ranch, feedlot, and packing plant all rolled into one. Isn't it amazing that the first animal-use institutions crying poverty when they can't sustain even a stable population are always the first ones to start breeding more?
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