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Zolpidem (Ambien)

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The nurse suggested that I try something like Zolpidem for achieving deep sleep (I have Fibromyalgia/CFS). I will be going to the Dr. next week. Anyone who has taken this before, what are your experiences? If you weren't getting deep sleep were you able to attain it while on ambien?
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Originally Posted by Semicharmed View Post

I hallucinated! Little wispy people peeled up my keyboard. It was kickass (aka - terrifying). I also slept through a psych final and hence flunked it. Yay Ambien!

Lunesta was okay, but the taste in my mouth was miserable.

Don't let them give you trazadone, that stuff SUCKS.

Sonata was cool, as I remember (it was one of the first ones I tried)... But my insurance didn't cover it.

Rozerem didn't do a thing - I woke up 14 times in one night on that stuff.

The anti-psychotics (like Seroquel) used off-label (or, really, second-on-the-list-on-the-label) will knock you on your ASS. You'll sleep, but... Ergh.

I had insomnia, and insomnia is a *****. Mine wasn't pain-induced... But, even so, sleeping pills never truly helped me get on a better schedule. That, and I ended up abusing the crap out of them to the point where when I'd run out of sleeping pills, I'd go buy OTC stuff that was twice as strong as Tylenol PM, open 8-10 caps, mix them with two ounces of juice, and knock myself out.

Bleh. Pills get the thumbs down from me. But I know they do help some people.
Yikes. I've tried Trazodone, didn't really help with anything. I don't want to take pills but idk what else to do at this point.

Originally Posted by sosoy View Post

might find this of interest: Fibromyalgia treatment: Does Neurontin relieve symptoms

From what I know of neurontin and ambien, neurontin seems like it would be a better choice if it works for you.

Neurontin is also available as generic (or it was at some point, I think there was a legal battle, not sure how it turned out)

As it says in the linked article, it would be an off-label use, so there hasn't been much testing done in using it at night only - it's unclear if there are negative effects doing what would amount to a daily withdrawal from it (Gabapentin elimination half-life is 5 to 7 hours)
I'm pretty sure I asked my dr. about neurontin but I don't think it was available in Canada. I can't recall, maybe I'll ask again.

Originally Posted by Sunbeams View Post

i have two friends who took it and they too hallucinated!!! I don't recommend. At all. Eheheh.

When I was really sick, they gave me xanax for two nights and I slept like a log and felt rested/no hangover etc. I don't advocate doing that or anything but if it's ultra short term..?

I always had insomnia. For years and years and years. and it turned out to be nutritional. If you're not getting enough of various things (magnesium etc etc) it can have effects like that. I didn't believe it, but as of a few weeks ago I've slept nine hours pretty much every night.

Hormones too, can do bad stuff with sleep. So maybe fix the cause rather than the symptom? I don't know I clearly have no idea but i hope you feel better
Huh, hallucinating even on lower doses? Not something I want!

I've been trying for years to figure out what exactly will help with my extreme pain/fatigue. I do not have insomnia, rather I can sleep for 16 hours at once. I can't reach deep sleep. I sleep very lightly. Pain is what the problem is and what is preventing me from getting proper rest. My body isn't healing properly because I can't get deep sleep. I've tried boxes of those Women's Ultra Mega Wellness Program (from GNC), 5-htp, d-ribose, b12 shots etc. nothing really works. I've tried dozens of meds all ready and no go. I do have some sort of hormonal issue (I have a total of 3 maaybe 4 periods per YEAR) but the dr.'s aren't concerned at all with this. I'm sick and tired of feeling sick and tired! I don't know what to do anymore.
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Originally Posted by Semicharmed View Post

I'm no doctor, so this could be a stupid question... But if PAIN is the problem, why they aren't giving you pain medication at night? Maybe something like tramadol? I can't envision that being any different in terms of risk of dependence and abuse, and if you aren't having insomnia... I dunno.

There may be a very good reason they don't do this, I'm just curious!
Not a stupid question! I've actually already tried tramadol and it didn't alleviate the pain. I took up to 150mg (increased dose over a few days to see which helped the most) and it just got to the point where an hour later I would feel tranquillized, dizzy and really out of it and it wasn't helping with pain at all. I've tried numerous low dose (as well as high) anti-depressants which are sometimes used to alleviate pain but they also did not do anything. I'd really like to get tested for viruses/infections that have been associated with fibromyalgia, I just have to convince the specialist to do them.
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