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Zolpidem (Ambien)

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The nurse suggested that I try something like Zolpidem for achieving deep sleep (I have Fibromyalgia/CFS). I will be going to the Dr. next week. Anyone who has taken this before, what are your experiences? If you weren't getting deep sleep were you able to attain it while on ambien?
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i have two friends who took it and they too hallucinated!!! I don't recommend. At all. Eheheh.

When I was really sick, they gave me xanax for two nights and I slept like a log and felt rested/no hangover etc. I don't advocate doing that or anything but if it's ultra short term..?

I always had insomnia. For years and years and years. and it turned out to be nutritional. If you're not getting enough of various things (magnesium etc etc) it can have effects like that. I didn't believe it, but as of a few weeks ago I've slept nine hours pretty much every night.

Hormones too, can do bad stuff with sleep. So maybe fix the cause rather than the symptom? I don't know
I clearly have no idea but i hope you feel better
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ohhhhhh wow. i see. how awful for you!! Hopefully things get sorted out soon!

And maybe it's only very few people who have the hallucinations from Ambien
You could always try it once? It's not ideal to rely on drugs, clearly, but if you've tried everything else and are understandably at your wits end it makes total sense to try these. I would

Out of curiousity, does anybody in these threads know how long it takes to become tolerant of things like that? I mean.. do people stay on them for life and keep sleeping well? I learned that they didn't (psych degree) but I know a few people who swear by valium and xanax and have used them for years.

Synergy, your situation sounds awful too. Ugh. Good luck getting the Ambien! I guess bodies all react differently to everything. That fact has always scared me ( "what if IIIIII take the pill and die?! " ) but it's just life. :/
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