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Periods are a completely natural, normal part of life but, unfortunately, talking about periods is something that even today many women find discomforting or even embarrassing. However, being able to deal with periods in a hygienic and sustainable way is crucial to a woman’s well-being.

Most women are unaware of the fact that the seemingly innocuous pads or tampons that they pick from the supermarkets are not only bad for the planet but also their health. It’s bad enough that we women have to deal with the monthly pains and cramps, and the mainstream companies are not offering us healthy sanitary products makes it even worse. Did you know that your regular pad comprises 90 percent of plastic that’s heavily bleached and almost impossible to dispose of and, if that wasn’t all, they also contain potentially carcinogenic chemicals?

As part of our Women’s Day Special Month, we asked Dr. Alexsia Priolo, a Naturopathic Doctor, about the various sustainable alternatives for conventional pads and tampons so you can pick the most healthy, comfortable and green option suited for you. Dr. Priolo is an expert on all things related to menstruation and lives in Toronto.

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