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American Made, Rebel Born
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What's the playlist to your favourite mixtape? Or the best mixtape you ever recieved/made? Post em!

American Made, Rebel Born
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i made this one.<br><br><br><br>
Side A: We look at this thing called us.<br><br>
-The World Inferno Friendship Society - Tattoos Fade<br><br>
-Audioslave - Be Yourself<br><br>
-K.M.F.D.M.- Professional Killer<br><br>
-Buzzcocks - Can't Control Myself<br><br>
-MSI- Thank God<br><br>
-Guttermouth - 1,2,3, SLAM!<br><br>
-The Boys - First Time<br><br>
-T.Rex- Lean Love ♥<br><br>
-The Faint- Dropkick the Punks<br><br>
-Garbage - Metal ♥<br><br>
-David Bowie - Jean Genie<br><br>
-The Vibrators- Baby, Baby<br><br>
-The Strokes- 12:51am.<br><br><br><br><br><br>
Side B: We are infamous, dangerous, insane, beautiful.<br><br>
-Gnarls Barkley - Crazy<br><br>
-The Smashing Pumpkins : Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness<br><br>
-The Distillers - Lovesong<br><br>
-Me - Cemetary (I am your Karen O, aren't I?<br><br>
-The Cramps - Can your pussy do the dog?<br><br>
-The Faint - Southern Belles in London Sing<br><br>
-Garbage - Why Do You Love Me?<br><br>
-MSI - Straight to Video<br><br>
- K.M.F.D.M - Hau Ruck<br><br>
-No Doubt - Making Out<br><br>
-Zwan - Settle Down<br><br>
-Madonna - Like it or Not<br><br>
-The Strokes - {♥}

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I made this one for my bf and I thought it came out ok:<br><br><br><br>
1. Yeah Yeah Yeah Song- The Flaming Lips<br><br>
2. Just Like The Movies- Regina Spektor<br><br>
3. Gentle Sheep- The Ditty Bops<br><br>
4. Holding Hands, Feeding Ducks- The Brunettes<br><br>
5. Missed Me- the Dresden Dolls<br><br>
6. Oh No!- Beep Beep<br><br>
7. 16 by 32- the Decemberists<br><br>
8. Walking Barefoot- Ash<br><br>
9. Wind Me Up- The Epoxies<br><br>
10. Novicaine For the Soul- the Eels<br><br>
11. If You're Feeling Sinister- Belle and Sebastian<br><br>
12. Hype- Tegan and Sara<br><br>
13. Singapore- Tom Waits<br><br>
14. The Beer- Kimya Dawson<br><br>
15. One Great City!- The Weakerthans<br><br>
16. Nude as the News- Cat Power<br><br>
17. Nothing- Pedro the Lion<br><br>
18. Theme from Requiem for a Dream<br><br>
19. Istanbul not Constantinople- Rockapella (hahaha)

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I used to spend hours and hours making mixtapes. Now I just put the MP3 player on random. How unimaginative. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/images/smilies/sad.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title=":(">

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The latest top 40 I've made:<br><br><br><br>
Miss Murder by AFI<br><br>
Ain't No Other Many by Christina Aguilera<br><br>
Crazy - Gnarles Barkely<br><br>
A Public Affair - by Jessica Simpson<br><br>
Gold Digger - Kanye West<br><br>
Bossy by Kellis<br><br>
One - Mary J. Blige and U2<br><br>
Be Without You - Mary J. Blige<br><br>
Maneater by Nelly Furtado<br><br>
I Write Sings Not Tragedies by PANIC! At the Disco<br><br>
Stars Are Blind - Paris Hilton (hate her, like the song)<br><br>
We Be Burning by Sean Paul<br><br>
Hips Don't Lie by Sharkira<br><br>
That's My Goal by Shayne Ward<br><br>
Move Along by All-American Rejects<br><br>
Over My Head by the Fray<br><br>
Temperature by Sean Paul<br><br>
Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado<br><br><br><br>
Dance Remixes the Latest was<br><br><br><br>
Love Will Find A Way - two different remixes by Vernessa Mitchell<br><br>
Blondie vs. the Doors - Rapture vs. Riders<br><br>
World Hold on by Bob Sinclair<br><br>
Faster Killy Pussycat - Brittany Murphy & Paul Oakenfold<br><br>
Every Time We Touch by Cascada<br><br>
Kiss the Sky by Danielle Bollinger<br><br>
Suffer Well remix - Depeche Mode<br><br>
Tracking Treasure Down - Gabriel & Dresden<br><br>
Brokeback Mountain Theme - dance remix<br><br>
Kiss You by Iio, 2 remixes.

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Hellogoodbye - All Time Low's<br><br>
Danger:Radio - Groovin'<br><br>
Cute is What We Aim For- Hip-Hop at the iHop<br><br>
Gym Class Heroes - Papercut<br><br>
Cobra Starship - Snakes on a plane (Bring It)<br><br>
MxPx- Invitation to Understanding<br><br>
The Academy Is... - Black Mamba (accoustic version)<br><br>
The Hush Sound - We Intertwine<br><br>
Meriwether - Put to Sleep This Lion<br><br>
Rise Against - Everchanging<br><br>
AFI- The Interview<br><br>
The Rasmus - Funeral Song
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