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Originally posted by Evita

wow, what great suggestions. I havent tried tamaris, ill definitely pick it up. Also, what kind of brown rice do you guys get? I really dont like the mushy kind, i like my rice on the firmy side.
I loooove brown jasmine rice! Second, would be brown basmati. I love aromatic rice.

I have too many pantry items to be able to pick a few. But I always replace my shoyus, tamaris, and Bragg's. Nutritional yeast too. Dried beans, rice, various berries (for flours), all my favorite grains -- quinoa, amaranth, rice -- but those are in the freezer; canned and jarred items, tons of condiments; tons of spices, my favorites are garlic and onion powders, asafoetida, white/black pepper. And always my seaweeds!! -- my favorite, arame; hijiki; dulse; and my kombu -- can't live without them!

Oh, too much stuff. I have tons of nuts and seeds...

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Emes Kosher-Jel

Fantastic brand Hacienda Spanish Rice Pilaf

Fantastic brand Taco Filling

dried black beans

Lundberg Sushi Rice and brown rice

Westbrae organic Garbanzo beans

Crofter's organic Rasberry conserve

ShariAnn's organic baked beans

whole wheat pastry flour

Tropical Source chocolate chips

Arrowroot powder


Natural Value bamboo shoots

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Do you wonder what Loki keeps in the kitchen? Well, I thought you'd say no, so scroll down to the next post, after I say anyway:




Baked beans (in a can)

Heinz country vegetable soup (in a can)

Pasta sauce

Linda McCartney Sausage rolls (They go in the freezer, BTW)

Ready made falafel (Obviously)

Carrots (For falafel and to eat as a snack)

Lettuce (For falafel)

Pitta bread

Hovis country grain bread




Herbs & spices



Apple Juice

Orange Juice

Olive oil

Canola oil

As I see it, it's important to have both olive and canola oil. Canola oil is brilliant for frying, and for general oil purposes. It goes great in stir fries and other things. However, olive oil has a great taste to it, and it's great when i make pasta, since it has a low smoke point, so it kinda dries up if I pit too much in, which doesn't happen with canola oil. On the flipside, if you use olive oil in a stir fry, it starts smoking. That's why it's essential to have both, IMO.

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-- soy flour

-- gluten flour

-- flax seed

-- wheat flour and wheat bran

-- dried coconut

-- nuts nuts nuts

-- dried mushroom

-- dried seaweed

-- dried daikon (Japanese radish)

-- tomato sauce

-- unsweetened cocoa powder

-- soy sauce

-- Mirin (Japanese cooking wine)

-- soba noodle


sheesh I need a lot of stuff

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Just a short list of the bare necessities:

olive oil

canola oil

hazelnut oil

sesame oil

apple cidar vinegar

rice vinegar

balsamic vinegar

red wine vinegar

wine (for cooking, but NOT cooking wine)

peanut butter


several kinds of mustard

soy sauce

teriyaki sauce

sun dried tomatoes

dried mushrooms

Knorr vegetable bouillon

Maggi seasoning in a bottle

nutritional yeast

tomato paste, canned tomatoes

canned chickpeas and other beans

unbleached white flour

white whole wheat flour

whole wheat flour

bread flour

soy flour

wheat gluten



brown rice



whole wheat pasta


vegan chocolate chips

Ghiradhelli unsweetened cocoa powder


pine nuts



lots of dried herbs

lots of spices


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"Ohsawa" shoyu soy sauce

Olive oil

Sesame oil

Balsamic vinegar


Sesame seeds

brown rice



canned/dried beans

From the looks of this thread i really have to try that Braggs!

Imagine the yummy potluck dinner we could all have.....

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tamari is very tasty! i prefer it hands down over soy sauce. they both are made from soy though. not sure of the exact difference.

just got me a bottle of braggs. i have been curious about it, but the really gimmicky label turned me off. its good to see it is low in sodium. the low sodium tamari i buy has like 800mg per teaspoon! i haven't tried it by itself yet, but i made "liquid gold" with it which was tasty. liquid gold is this awesome dressing recipe from the book "becoming vegan" btw. i am normally an incessant oil and vinegar type person. but this stuff is going to broaden my palete a span. the added benefit is that it is a great way to include flax oil in your diet.

i'm also a big fan of tahini, and nutritional yeast. i just finished the rest of my tahini sauce here, in fact. a bit of lime or lemon juice, water, tahini, salt and garlic.

of course there are the mustards, and vinegars, spices, and oils. i am stuck on grey poupon, apple cider vinegar, and extra virgin olive oil. i just buy bulk spices now for the most part at the grocery store, but since penzeys opened a shop i've kinda been nosing around there too. tried asofetida for the first time last week! other wise known as devils dung, heh. anyone else notice the fetid in it? well in all honesty it was strong smelling and tasting, but certainly it wasn't going to make me gag involuntarily...shesh. my two favorite spices as of right now would have to be corriander and turmeric.

i am really curious about seaweeds, haven't tried buying any yet. spinach in miso soup just isn't the same...hehe.

strix: does the packaged stuff go very far? it allways looked like a small amount for a sizeable price. not sure what all you could use it for either?

i understand now that it is futile to list EVERYTHING...heh.

evita: yah, i'm sure you'll be very pleased with the sun dried tomatoes. just a hint, most are salted somewhat, which speeds the drying. i allways find that i need quite a lot less salt when using them in whatever, for obvious reasons. also, i find that guacamole is at its best after being refridgerated overnight. this is very true when using the sun dried tomatoes. they will eventually get very hard if left long enough, i don't really try and keep them from drying out. but instead just put some in a bowl with water and nuke em for 30 secs or let them sit for a bit when i need to use them. oh and if i haven't said enough already
, scissors work well for cutting them into more manageable pieces.


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Hi Evita.

These are the pantry items I use a lot.

brown jasmine rice

sweet rice

canned tomatoes

anasazi beans

adzuki beans

white flour (I keep whole-wheat flour in the fridge)

coconut milk powder

soymilk powder

dried shiitake mushrooms

dried kombu (kelp)

soy sauce

rolled oats

various spices

whole-wheat noodles

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Ok...i was trying to save some money here...but it looks like i've just added 50 items to my grocery list!
This is great.

Mouse- thats your short list? definitely want to go over your house to eat.

Kyo- never heard of anasazi or adzuki beans, will look for them.

Palindrome- thanks again for you recipes. Im also a big fan of Tahini and flax seed oil. I do also use corriander and tumeric, i love spicy food, i put it in my indian dishes.

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haha! its great trying all this new stuff out. when i first went vegan that was a lot of my inspiriation. the opportunity and encouragement to break out of a mold of boring omnivorism.

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Yes, that's my short list, the stuff I use on a regular basis. In additon, I have a whole lot of stuff that I'm in the process of trying out, or that I only use occasionally.

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- Olive oil (I use it in most everything I cook!)

- Canola (Loki is very right!)

- Peanut Butter

- Dried beans

- Orange Marmalade (Needed for orange sauce!

- Corn starch (I like sauces..

- Apple Butter

- Brown Rice

- Chickpeas

- Stuff to make falafel! (Either mix, or from scratch, I love it!) AND to make hummus! Can we have a hummus fan club, too? Hummus is good enough to make you want to dance!

Kay, I'm a nerd.

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I am a poor college student so I buy tons of canned veggies, and bulk rice for my pantry. Canned veggies come in handy if you in a hurry. just add a couple cans of veggis together on the stove, add some spices and you will have a meal + leftovers for a week. I also invest alot of my resources in spices. w/ spices you can make any cheap thing taste good. I suggest no less than 15 spices on hand at all times in every kitchen pantry.

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~my jar of sea salt

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wholemeal flour

brown sugar

peanut butter

baked beans

olive oil

sea salt/pepper grinder

hickory, tomato and peanut sauces


chocolate powder

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let's see...

I stock:

Real Salt Its the BEST!

red potatos

black refried beans

Saporro Noodles - like Ramen only better!

whole wheat pasta

Barilla Black and Green Olive Sauce

Amy's Soups - Minestrone and Black Bean for me, Lentil and Vegetable Barley for my partner.

Tabasco Sauce

6 different kinds of Mustard

green olives, black olives, kalmata olives, almond stuffed olives, garlic stuffed olives

olive oil

tomatos, green peppers, fresh spinich

Natural Ovens 100% Whole Wheat Bread

Lightlife Turkey and Ham

Spices, fresh garlic, jarred minced garlic in olive oil

Amy's Frozen dinners - Non Dairy Potpie, Mac and SoyCheeze, Cheese Enchiladas


Rices - wild, basmatti

Boca Smoked Sausages, Boca Spicy Chikn, Gardenburger Wild Rice and Portabella Patties

French bread

cheddar cheese slices and margerine - my partner loves cheese sandwiches and tea

Skim milk - for the tea

Tea - I like Lady Grey, English Breakfast and Jasmine.


Peanut Butter

Maple Syrup

Anything else I buy on demand - I go shopping about every day or every other day. I get fresh stuff, cook, and eat! Yum! We have a Just In Time (JIT) food system in our house.

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Hmm, this will be a long list also

Spices, spices and more spices

vegan beef, chicken and ham bouliion

Corn Syrup


Maple Syrup

Flours of all kinds





Almond Butter



beans (black beans, chick peas, etc)


crsip rice cereal

other cereals (Specaia K with Red Berries and Hemp Granola are my faves)

nutritional yeast

aseptic tofu

aseptic unsweetened soy milk

chocolate chips (different kinds like white chocolate, semisweet, etc)

soy milk powder

tomato sauce

yeast packets

agar agar

canned fruits (pineapple, tropical fruit salad, etc)

dried fruits


baking powder and soda

ener-g clone recipe

jarred tofu (it tastes like blue cheese)

cocoa powder


olive oil

cooking spray

vegan butter cooking spray

sesame seeds

clif bars/luna bars

on the counter stuff





stuff in the fridge

waterpacked tofu

lettuce blend

soy sauce

asian cooking sauces

Gimmie Lean

English Muffins

Breads (we like sandwiches)

Hamburger Buns

Yves Soy Meats (mmm, Salami)

Tofutti Cheese slices

IM Earthkind Vegan Gourmet Cheese


Tree of Life Margarine

Earth Balance

In the freezer



Gardenburgers (Riblets, Flame Grilled Burger, GardenVegan)

Health is Wealth Vegan Breaded Chicken Patties


PS Here are some cheap and delicious recipes that I love

Black Bean and Rice Burgers (very cheap and yummy!)

Cajun Baked Tofu

Kung Pao Tofu

Veg Mc Muffin (well, I always have all of this stuff, and it is very good I have it about evey single morning)

Deb's Best Ever Muffins

Goodie Burgers


Falafel and sauce (tahini sauce is really good)

Bran Muffins, moist and yummy and fat free! Use Ener-G for 1 egg prepared and soy milk. I used Optimum Performance Cereal.

Buffalo Wings

Tempeh Wraps

Moosewood Cake and Veggie Fajitas

Tofu Cookies

Ener-G Clone recipe

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Palindrone- tamari is very tasty! i prefer it hands down over soy sauce. they both are made from soy though. not sure of the exact difference.
Actually Tamari is soy sauce, the difference is that it's "real" soy sauce. The regular soy sauce you see is the Americanized crap, it's not made the way traditional soy sauce is. If you look at regular soy sauce, it has all these chemicals/ingrediants, whereas Tamari has only a few, plus it's fermented which is better for your stomach cause it aids in creating healthy bacteria, like yogurt.
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