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Originally posted by punkmommy

A guy my husband works with has one of those calenders with daily trivia (The 365 Amazing Trivia Facts Calender- He found this question in there-

Q- What animal's sapphire-blue blood is used in testing for bacterial toxins in all drugs and invasive medical devices manufactured for human use in the US?

A- The horseshoe crab's. The crabs are caught, drained of about 1/3 of their blood and returned to the deep. A protein in their white blood cells is turned into a freeze-dried powder called Limulus Amebocyte Lysate (LAL), which pharmaceutical companies are required by the Food and Drug Administration to use in screening new batches of drugs and equipment for purity.
I actually did some work recently with a company that does those tests. They are always located in Atlantic coastal states.

I assumed they had to kill the crabs, but the lady I spoke with said they didn't. They also do some other tests with crabs that don't involve their blood...something to do with their shells.
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