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I personally am not a big fan of this list, but I know there are a lot of Ohioans here and we can improve on it. The italics are my comments

You don't think of Florida first when someone mentions Miami.

You snicker when someone's from Tiffin, because you think of the State Hospital.

Actually, I think of the college. After my college search, I can pretty much match any town name with its school.

You think Pro football teams are supposed to wear orange!

You've heard of 3.2% beer.

Schools close for the state basketball tournament.

No, people just skip.

You're proud of your state fair, but would rather go to Cedar Point.

You live less than 30 miles from some college or university.

There are three colleges a short drive away from my current campus, two from my home.

You know what a buckeye really is, and have a recipe for candy ones.

"Toward the lake" means "north" and "toward the river" means "south."

No one ever says this. However, I do know what 'lake effect snow' is, and it's not pretty.

You've heard of the Great Nickel Beer Night Riot.

You know if other Ohioians are from southern or northern Ohio as soon as they open their mouths.

Every city has their own accent, but I can't tell any of them apart.

You root for a college team though you've never taken a class there.

Go Bucks!

You can spell words like Cuyahoga, Olentangy, Bellefontaine, and Tuscarawas

You always visit more than two amusement parks in one summer.

You know that Serpent Mounds were not made by snakes.

You know what game they're playing when the Mud Hens take on the Clippers.

"Vacation" means spending a day at Cedar Point or King's Island.

Down south to you means Kentucky.

You thought that the Michael Stanley Band was the most popular band in the country.

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You don't know how to drive up a hill. Furthermore, you call the little mound that just barely blocks your view of oncoming traffic "the hill."

True story. I tried to pass an Amish buggy going up a hill once right after I got my license and I didn't know that you need to press harder on the gas to keep going the same speed. That buggy and I were racing.

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You Know You're From Clevelend When:

Your idea of fine cuisine includes keilbasa and Stroh's beer

You think the Antichrist walks among us and moved to Baltimore in 1995

You refer to Pittsburgh as a Third World nation

You have to look at a map before you realize Cincinnati is NOT in Kentucky

You think political correctness involves using the term "certain ethnic" when telling a joke

You believe plastic lawn flamingos are essential in any landscaping project

Your second car is completely dissolved by salt by the time April rolls around

The phrase "lake effect" strikes terror in your heart

You actually remember when Dennis Kucinich was mayor

You see nothing wrong with wearing white sox with black shoes, even when wearing a tux

Party music involves an accordion

You always knew you lived in the Rock n Roll Capital of the World

You know more about Frankie Yankovic than Weird Al Yankovic

Tourists ask you what time the river catches fire

You believe the Second Coming meant the Browns returning in 1999

You don't really know any homosexuals, you just know that there are a lot of them in Lakewood.

You know you don't really have an accent, the rest of the world does.

You hear there are always famous people in town, but you have never seen one.

You hate country music, don't know anyone that does like country music, and yet WGAR just won the country music station of the year.

You take credit for Cedar Point even though it is 2 hours away.

You honestly believe that Cleveland is the best city in the world.

The Tri-C jingle "students for life" scares the hell out of you.

You take Dead Man's Curve at 60 mph holding your breath.

You know about the Eastside/Westside rivalry, but don't really understand it.

"Good Morning from the Buzzard Morning Zoo" is a jingle you'll never forget.

Your neighborhood schools went without sports because all the senior citizens refused to pass the levies.

You actually know how to pronounce Cuyahoga.

You can't tell Brook Park, Brooklyn, or Old Brooklyn apart.

You see Christmas lights still up in July.

You love BW-3, but have no clue what the heck weck is.

You find yourself singing "Garfield 1-2323" in the shower.

You're still dumbfounded by the Leaping Fountain in Tower City.

You have never ridden in a taxi.

You wear shorts the first day of the year it isn't below 30 and snowing, just because you can.

You have gotten 3 speeding tickets, and they are all from the mile long stretch of a suburb named Linndale.

You have no idea how exactly to get to the Flats, you just kind of end up on a bank and start partying.

You really don't know what the Warehouse District is, you just know that it's a great place to party.

You know who the Jake really is

You hate Baltimore and you have never been there.

St. Patty's Day is your number one holiday, and you aren't Irish.

You're still relishing 1987 when we ALMOST made it to the Super Bowl.

You counted down with the monument in Tower City to the exact second in 1999 when the Browns came back.

You heard Bill Clinton and Drew Carey love Parma Pierogies, but you have yet to ever eat there.

You know Tower City isn't a city at all.

You're Polish.

Stories of Little Italy still send chills down your spine.

At least half of your wardrobe is Tribe apparel.

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skylark said:
Originally Posted by Iria View Post

Yeah, buckeyes are a useless tree except for a little bit of shade.
They can actually be bothersome. I remember Buckeye nuts breaking holes in top of canvas tents at my old Girl Scout camp.

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I think I live somewhere between Skylark and Aimra. I don't live in Cleveland either, but I like to think I know the city (I don't really).

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Originally Posted by Thalia View Post

I was just looking these up last night after the Detroit one. I didn't know you were a Clevelander like me!
No, I live about an hour or so outside Cleveland. I just identify with it because it's the closest big city (of course, I root for all the Cleveland sports teams).

If I'd posted a list that said "You know you live in (unspecified small town) when..." I'd have been the only one that got it.
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