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HI everyone not sure what made me decide to go veggie but thsi past week I have had no desire for any meat whatsoever and the thought of it is just turning my tummy! (no I am not pregnant either LOL). Anyway I adore all the fake meats out there and pretty much have been eating those over real meat for over a year (but of course have had meat as well).

I admit my first choice is to do it for health reasons but I am thinking of the animals too. I watched an episode of The F Word (chef Gordon from Hells Kitchen show that is on over here in UK that focused just on the chef and his family etc...) well anyway one of the episodes they showed the slaughter of his two pigs he raised....although they were raised like kings and supposedly slaughtered in the most humane way possible (that seems like an oxymoron) it was really hard for me to watch and instantly turned me off bacon which I seriously ADORED before....

Anywhooooo I am just starting to dapple into cooking more veggie friendly meals and hopefully my hubby will enjoy some of them (I know he won't give up his occasional meat but that is on him) and my daughter too. I bought the Garden of Vegan and How it all Vegan cookbooks and have tons of sites bookmarked....

So as of right now I will start out as a Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian and see how it goes from there...not sure I will ever make the leap to full on vegan as I just don't think I can say goodbye to my beloved cheese....but I will never say never

Anyways I am happy to have some message boards to make new friends and get more informed.

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