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haha. hi there, I'm totally new to these boards and found them when searching for a new veggie board. so I was vegan for a couple of years, then "fell off the wagon" for several reasons about 7 years ago, coincidentally when I met my husband. since then, my diet has gradually become more and more disgusting and less and less discriminating. I can't believe some of the foods I've put into my body recently! ugh.

so needless to say, I've gained back all of the weight (and more) that I lost before and feel like crap. I don't necessarily think everyone has to eat vegan in order to be healthy, but for me, it's the only way. I don't know how to eat healthy any other way, because my association with meat/cheese is with unhealthy foods! plus, I have a family history of high cholesterol, heart disease, diabetes, so I know I need to do something.

I've decided to go vegetarian, or mostly vegan again...well, vegan in the sense that I'm not eating meat or dairy, but I still eat eggs. I don't have much time right now to type much more as I'm at work, but let's just say I'm excited to be making this change again and look forward to the positive changes in my health!
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