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Check it..... ....The dudes maybe not be setting off for a bit but so what, this is good stuff to know now!!

Ed Stafford (main man pictured) and "Luke Collyer aim to walk over 4,000 miles unsupported and unguided from the source of the Amazon River in southern Peru to the mouth in Brazil."

(so yeah course he's an adventurer obviously -- and his mate) Ed appeared on the BBC news about a week ago, he's only 30 years old. He is undertaking a long long trek.... more than most spend time doing... and at a guess his trail will take him and his mate up down and all around by the looks of things.

Ed and Luke will set off on their journey, in April 2008, with only what they can carry in their rucksacks. At any one time they could be weeks from any form of human habitation and they will have to use sustainable survival practices to live off the jungle. If the pair completes the journey through one of the most amazing and threatened eco-systems left on Earth they will be the first men ever to walk the Amazon.
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