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Falling into the catorgory if anyone cares to know: the catfish that are boarded at my parents are possible world records according to the maxium recorded lifespans for both species.

I'm surprised they'd made it so far in a long distance boarding situation and without much filteration( Not sure if I'm shared the bucket story here where my fahter destroyed the canister filter which I cannot afford to replace anymore). They've survived the dead fish situations where my parents never remove dead fish.Umm yeah they don't even notice when their fish are dead ( I have no idea why they decided to keep these fishor even breed them in the first place, but that's another story).

There was this time where I cut off ties with my parents. This meant I did not drive there for three or four monthes. When I fianlly did I noticed there were less of their fish in the tank. I neverpaid that much attention to them, but kinda hard not to notice when there's now like half of them gone.

I assumed they had found homes for their fish, which they had often told me they did not want.

Here's what I found when I was cleaning the bones in the gravel. That's right they just left the dead fish in the tank to rot away and didn't even warn me when I go about cleaning it.

Same thing happened in the smaller tank except it was three weeks. I come to check on them and there's a five inch fish rotting away. Like the whole tank is fricken poluted as hell. Plus the room starts to smell bad, surprising how far even a five inch fish can go in the department. Their filter was also destroyed because the power went out and it was running dry. I never replaced it either for the same reason. They went about three weeks without a filter before I rigged up one of the ole breeding tank filters intended for ten gals, which is what I have running still.

Yes I still have all four plecos.

Sometimes they don't get fed for a few days and they get plain flakes so it's not that their care is anything special anymore..I do what I can when I drive over there and gave them some special foods but no way I can keep up with regular water changes to compensate the lack of filteration. Being in a big tank helps a lot, though ultimatly I guess they are just tough cookies. I've made some attempts to rehome them in the past and nobody wanted them, but now I'm either hoping they survive until I get an income and my own place so no longer looking for new homes.

I think most fish don't have longer lifespans because the stupid noobie type people manage to kill them off and the expert fish people keep wanting new fish so they have a high turnover rate. They get bored and want new and different setups. Keeping the same fish for long timespans seems to be in the minority on both counts.

One of these days I'll get some pictures up of the record catfish..course nobod will care because they look the same as all others of their kind, heh.

Of course, my catfish here don't hold a candle to the world's oldest goldfish.
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