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My hubby says he is sick of everything I make, maybe i repeat too much, but he also isn't very adventurous regarding trying new stuff, only to a point. since he is omni out of the house, i try to convert a lot of recipes, like using tvp etc...........soo

anyway, i do a lot of mexican, pasta, pizza, some stir frys.

we also have a 6 yo and a 3 yo.......who can be somewhat picky.

sooooooo for some ideas, can you post your dinners in a typical week? i may get inspired! Lunch is easy for the kids they will eat sandwiches, cereal, pizza, or pasta type dishes. but i also need to get more veggies into them in a sneaky way.

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- Hot cereal with fruit and fruit juice or soymilk

- Fruit smoothie and wholemeal bread or cereal

- Cold cereal with soymilk and fruit, glass of fruit juice

- Baked beans and tomato on toast with a piece of fruit

- Yogurt with granola and fruit, fruit juice


- Peanut butter and jam/banana/apple sandwiches

- Pasta, rice, or couscous salad with fat-free dressing, veggies, and nuts and/or beans (flaked almonds, kidney beans, chickpeas, etc)

- Soy deli slices or sausages and salad, tomato, etc. in sandwiches

- Baked beans and tomato on toast with fruit/vegetables

- Big salads with sunflower seeds, chickpeas, lots of vegetables, fat-free dressing with a slice of crusty bread at the side

- Hummus or other bean dips with vegetables for dipping or on a sandwich/in a pita with salad, grated carrot, cucumber, tomato, etc.

- Soup (with vegetables and legumes) and crusty bread

- Yogurt with fruit and granola

- Bagel with yogurt cheese and banana or cucumber

- Refried beans, salsa, tomato and salad in a wrap

Plus extras: fruit scones, slice of fruit loaf, yogurt, soymilk or fruit juice, vegetables, fruit, etc.


- Vegetable curry over brown rice (add chickpeas for more protein if desired)

- Stir-fried vegetables (could add baked tofu) over brown rice

- Spaghetti with lentil bolognaise (easy to add extra vegetables to the sauce and blend to disguise)

- Tofu or bean burritos

- TVP or soy mince tacos

- Soup (minestrone, butternut squash, split pea, etc.) with crusty bread (easy to add lots of vegetables to)

- Beans and rice with vegetables and marinara or salsa

- Any lunch items (ie. pasta/rice salad -- easy to load with veggies)

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I wouldn't use a lot of TVP simply because it's so easy to become burned out on it - especially for someone who's part-time omni...try and vary the main "protein" item by using beans, tofu, tempeh, homemade seitan, an occasional prepared soy product...(yes, we all know there's protein in almost every item you prepare for a meal, but in my experience, it seems most part-time omni's still want that central "meat" item with their meal... ).

I don't remember if you and your family like - or have tried - things like tempeh, seitan, etc. so I'm just throwing the ideas out there...

OK, breakfast is usually cold cereal, fruit and almond milk - except on weekends I make Froggy's Super-Easy Pancakes and/or tofu scramble and fried potatoes.

Lunch is usually brown-bagging for all of us.

Here's what we had for dinner a while back (I usually write rough menus out, don't always follow them exactly...)

-- Spaghetti with sauteed veggies (red bell pepper, onions, tomatos, zucchini, mushrooms), Tofurky sausage and tomato sauce. Salad and garlic bread.

-- Curry (you can make it VERY mild and on the sweet side and kids will usually like it) with very small tempeh cubes (or garbanzos/chick-peas), carrots, peas, mushrooms and cauliflower. Brown rice. Mango and pineapple slices.

-- Stir fry veggies with peanut sauce over udon noodles. Veggie-filled potsticker dumplings from the asian market (unfortunately my kids like these FRIED, though you could steam them too).

-- Mashed potatoes, gravy. Seitan cutlets that were breaded with "Shake and Bake" and baked in the oven. Some veggie or other, I can't remember...

-- Black-bean chili and cornbread. Raw brocolli and carrots with ranch dip.

-- Veggie "Pot-Pie". I used store-bought pie crust cause I was in a hurry. Mixed a pckg. of frozen mixed veggies with some cut up bits of left over seitan and poured a white-sauce-style gravy over all, topped with another crust and baked about 45 min.

--Potato-corn chowder, homemade wheat rolls (breadmaker mixed the dough, then I formed into rolls and baked) hummus and raw veggies to dip. (My kids will eat almost any veggie if they can "dip" it).

-- Baked potatos with the fixin's. Left-over chili, Earth Balance, "cheeze" sauce, cooked brocolli, Sour Supreme, salsa, etc. etc...

-- New Mexican Green Chili Stew, tortillas and beans.

-- Stuffed Peppers (stuffed with rice and lentils and a few veggies, and baked in a tomato sauce - no specific recipe). I think we had tortillas and beans on the side again here too...

If you need more specifics or ideas, PM me. My kids are older and not SUPER picky but if they don't like something they have the option of beans (which I alwys have a pot of in the frdge) or a PB-n-J sammie.

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Thanks sooooo much, those are all some great suggestions, we do some of them,.....but i spy a few new ones!!! kids are peanut butter addicts, so i plan to try the peanut sauce udon noodle idea! noodles and peanut butter are two of their favorite things!

keelin the lentil spag sauce sounds great, i have to do a great job blending the veggies when i do anything like that, or i hear " whats this" from my 6 yo as she points accusingly at her bowl of pasta!!! LOL
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