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I'm trying to spread the word about this everywhere I possibly can. If anybody can do anything to help, including copying this and emailing it to people, public figures, news media, etc, it would be very much appreciated!!

Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT, a wildlife rescue organization where I volunteered briefly in 2009) was raided by the Thai Department of National Parks after the organization/sanctuary spoke out against brutal elephant killings of which the Thai government was very likely both aware and potentially even behind.

I'm bad at telling the story, so I'm going to copy/paste the letter that is attached to most of the media being circulated.

Below the letter, there is a link to a video, which may be difficult to watch for some, especially once it really gets into it. Below the link to the video are details on what you can do to help.
Both Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand (WFFT) and Elephant Nature Park (ENP) have been hard hit by these raids as both were raided by armed officials of the Department of National Parks (DNP) and police units. The officials claim they received an anonymous phone call.

Both WFFT and ENP feel they have been targeted for speaking out on the recent elephant killings at Kaengkrachan National Park and Kuiburi National Park, and the involvement of officials, politicians and wealthy businessmen.

The ENP was founded by Sangduen (Lek) Chailert who has won numerous conservation awards including Hero of the Planet by the Ford Foundation, Hero of Asia by Time Magazine in 2005 and the Earth Day Award. Her work has been featured in National Geographic, Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, BBC and in print media throughout the world. The ENP and WFFT both have an international reputation as having the the best animal rescue facilities, setting the standard in Thailand for elephant care and wildlife rescue.

As I write this letter, the Department of National Parks are currently forcibly removing 103 animals from WFFT which they claim the organization does not have relevant paperwork. This is being done using sticks to scare the animals leaving them bleeding, kicking unconscious animals, many of who are sick and injured, into small cages.

This is blatant corruption and bullying in an attempt to silence the organization's leaders from being outspoken against the illegal wildlife trade and recent finds of slaughtered elephants in nearby national parks, for which corruption amongst Thai authorities is suspected.

Please please help. The last time the DNP confiscated animals they were never seen again!

Ways to help:

- Spread the word by forwarding this as an email.

- Sign this petition:

- Visit WFFT's website at and follow Wildlife Friends Foundation Thailand on Facebook to keep updated.

- Contact your local media about this, as well as any public figures who might be willing to spread the word (ANY--politicians, sports stars, cookbook authors, popular twitter users, universities, etc etc).

- You can also contact Thailand's Tourism Authority to let them know what this does to your image of them, and the fact that it undermines everything they claim to be doing to stop poaching and animal abuse, for which Thailand is notorious:
Write to:
Tourism Authority of Thailand
1600 New Phetchaburi Road, Makkasan, Ratchathewi , Bangkok 10400, Thailand

Tel: 6602 250 5500
Fax: 6602 250 5511


[email protected]

Not only does this organization not deserve this, these animals do not deserve this. Many of them have been through a lot already; they don't need this kind of harmful treatment from the DNP.

Here is a Facebook status update from one of the employees who has been with WFFT for the past three years:
Hopefully today was the final day of the evil raids by the DNP. 103 of the rescued wild animals have been removed from a place they call home. I cant even express my feelings, i feel empty. Happy animals that I have spent the last three years of my life seeing every day have now been sent to places they dont even know, places that we dont even know!!! I have just spent the last hour watching a team of uneducated horrible idiots terrorising a 3 year old gibbon before capture. She was born here at WFFT on the largest gibbon island, she has never been touched by humans let alone taken away from the island and her family.
I urge you all to continue our fight to return these beautiful animals!!!
Thanks for anything and everything you do.

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