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To any loyal vegetarian,

I'm want to pose a few questions to you about your choice of the vegetarian lifestyle. Basically my main question is why? I understand that you might be an animal rights activist and/or don't like meat. In my mind, being a vegetarian is completely illogical. First off, last time i checked animals eat other animals. I'm pretty sure that we're animals, so wouldn't that make the most sense? Now you might claim that many of these animals are "grown" or kept in horrible living conditions. This is probably true, but last time i checked most animals don't have feelings. Do fish feel emotion? I doubt it, if someone has proof that fish have emotion I'd love to know. You could argue that gorillas have emotion, but most people don't eat gorillas. We eat things that were put on this earth to eat, it's how it works. Another claim you could make is being a vegetarian is healthier. Show me a study that a person who has a healthy diet of fish, poultry, as well as other healthy non-meats is in worse shape than someone who doesn't eat eggs, fish, etc. I'd like some good proof, i'm sure there is no chance you can find it because those foods are essential in the human diet, it's science. Please post a responce, i'd like to hear if you have a good reason, not just the typical vegetarian reasons. Surpise me.

-The Joker
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