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this is where my story begins...

at work today a lady who we will call carla had to take her dog to the vet so she was trying to leave and she came back and said theres a huge maneating cat under my car i poked it with my umbrella and called and i cant get it out. so kris the cat whisperer (me) went out and all i did was lean down and say here kitty and she came right out to me. well she was a little weary because it was raining.

we have kind of a carport like thing where we park company vehicles so i put the cat in there so she could stay dry and i took her something to eat. mind you the cat didnt have a collar so i started asking everyone if they wanted a cat. my boss wasnt at work but she said shed take it and her daughter works there so she said she would take it to her.

i reminded sam multiple times dont forget the cat(who i named fluffy). and befor i left i made sure she was still in the carport. at 4 i got a text from sam that said fluffy has a new home. i then texted my boss and she said fluffy likes it there ect.. well when my bf left work at 7:00 he said they must not have taken that cat because theres a dead black cat laying next to my car...

WTF so either these people lied to me or there was another cat wandering around which is very possible. either way there was a dead cat in the parking lot and i really hope it wasnt fluffy because we had a connection but i dont understand how you hit a cat in a parking lot. the speed limit is 5 mph plus its so small its hard to pick up momentum to go much faster than that. so someone mustve hit it on purpose and that really p****s me off. why are people so cruel to cats. i dont understand. and if i find out that my boss and her daughter lied to me which lead to the death of an incredibly sweet animal i just may start calling off alot. if they didnt want the cat i wish they wouldve just said so and i wouldve called the spca or something.
im really upset about this i will be letting whoever reads this know if they lied or not.
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