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Stop Whole Foods from selling live lobsters!

After the urging of PETA (People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals) and concerned consumers, on June 15, 2006 Whole Foods Market announced that they had banned the sale of live lobsters and soft-shell crabs because of their concern for animal welfare. They made this promise to PETA, to their customers, and to the lobsters and crabs.

To help make the arrival of their new store more welcome by Mainers, Whole Foods has decided to go back on their word and sell live lobsters at their new Portland store.

I took this picture at the new store the day after it opened (Feb 15th 07):

Please let your concern be known calling, writing, e-mailing, and signing the online petition!

Whole Foods Market

2 Somerset Street

Portland, Maine 04101






Contact online:

Online Petition:
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