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I really like the look of pearls, but obviously, they're not vegan. I tried to look around on the Internet, but the only results I get is "HOW TO TELL THE REAL ONES FOR FAKES!!!!", "HOW TO IDENTIFY REAL PEARLS!!!" etc. I read up on those actually, so I can figure out what is considered good quality. The guide is as follows:

-secure setting and clasp, made from a quality metal
-small hole size
-heavy for its size
-no flaking (especially check around the holes)
-usually, there are knots in the string or cord between each pearl
-small size (less than 10 mm in diameter), and personally, I think they should be spaced apart a bit, and they usually aren't a perfect sphere
-single string
-the holes are consistent sizes from pearl to pearl
-the holes should be flat (didn't understand this one) instead of a "shallow bowl shape"
-shouldn't have obvious signs of dyeing
-have light tinges of color in natural or bright light
-variations in iridescence (the pearls shouldn't be perfectly matched)

do you guys have more tips on finding realistic looking imitation pearls? Places to get them? If it's impossible to meet all of the above, that's alright, as long as it's close to fool the majority of people.

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