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Live in Ridgeland.

Let's talk food.

I could ask in a different forum, but can somebody give me something good, yet simple, to do with eggplant? I've had decent results dipping in egg and flour and frying, and with eggplant Parmesan too. Looking for something that befits a lazy chef, maybe something I can put on a sandwich. I've leached them with kosher salt and marinated in olive oil/lemon and tossed them under the broiler. Not bad, but kind of tough and sorta flavorless.

Talk to me about sandwiches!

It's early in the game, but sandwich possibilities are promising using a base of broiled Ciabatta, roasted poblano (julienned), hash browns fried in walnut oil, pan-grilled red pepper, and topped with chilled (or room temp) avacado. ... I mix pan-dried, then pulverized, New Mexico chiles into avacado. Really wish I could add eggplant to the stack.

Adios, Matt
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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