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Where can I find stylish vegan shoes

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Ive been really disappointed to find that most vegan shoes are quite subpar Ive visited a few sites, but none of those styles suit me, exactly. Im very into fashion, I like peculiar, individually stylish pieces and frankly none of the vegan shoes Ive seen have been either of those things. Of course, I know Stella McCartney is a vegan designer and none of her shoes are made from animal products, but seriouslywho can afford to pay $500-$1200 for shoes? I certainly cannot, but at the same time Id like something in the vein, something I could get from lower end but stylish designers. For instance, I like these oxfords.$prodmain$

Any info on vegan-friendly shoes in a similar vein?
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There's a huge thread on the subject in the Product Reviews forum:
ok, thanks for the link!
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