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What's the last thing you watched?

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Tell us what TV show, movie, or music video you last watched. Did you enjoy it enough to recommend?


I last watched the final performances of the last four contestants on The Voice.

I enjoyed the show well enough, but I probably wouldn't watch another season. It kind of annoys me that so many (like Dia in the final four) already have/had recording contracts, tours and the like. I prefer contests featuring true amateurs.
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OLD music videos of The Cyrkle and The Critters. "I Wish You Could Be Here", "Mr. Dieingly Sad"...

I liked "Red Rubber Ball", but how did I miss these when I was growing up?! Evidently The Cyrkle opened for The Beatles sometimes during the Fab Four's tours, while Don Ciccone of The Critters (their main songwriter and singer) was one of the Four Seasons.

I'd like to be watching "Chuck" on Fridays, but for some reason NBC only posted the season opening episode on-line on their website, and has only put written episode plot summaries on its website since then.

I have a TV and could get a digital antenna- or cable if I wanted to- but TV is just too much of a time waster and "Chuck" is the only show I'm into.
The last televised thing I watched (online, because I've disconnected my TV) was an episode of "Heroes Reborn"- I think it was the last one before it went on hiatus until January. I might not even bother watching it anymore.

The last movie I watched was "The Martian" last night. AWESOME!!!!! Storyline, acting (both main and supporting characters), scenery/effects, exciting but nonviolent... I was going to say "good music" but lots of it is disco- but it actually works here. The "Star Wars" movies have truly dazzling visual effects but I enjoyed this more than any of them. I'm glad I saw it before it ends its theater run and goes to DVD- there were maybe a dozen of us in the theater but we all seemed to be enjoying it.

jonathan strange & mr. norrell (harry potter for grownups)
I read the book and enjoyed it, but didn't know it had been filmed. How was it?

Ohhh, I got to watchin' E.T. and cried like a baby.... countless time for both. Dammit. :cry:
THAT was another good movie. No tears from me though. But I thought
the movie would have been much better without that scene where ET appears to die and almost immediately revives. I mean, COME ON....manipulate your audience much, Mr Spielberg?
Just saw Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

MUCH better than the prequels.....
I suppose it would have been difficult for it not to be better. :p
I watched Interstellar yesterday. And cried.

Then I watched kid's shows to cheer myself up, and then The Office.
I finished watching "Interstellar" Thursday after getting it out of a local library. Yup- it was a downer at the end. I liked it overall, but was kind of glad I hadn't bothered to see it in a theater and didn't think the musical score was all that great. Interesting that Matt Damon and Jessica Chastain both starred in "The Martian"- and what a different role for Damon! The dialogue was frustratingly hard to make out, but later, I read in a review that this was actually deliberate in places!! (Huh??)

Even though the movie was a work of imagination, it was supposed to have been written with a view to scientific accuracy, such as what a black hole would look like up close and what travel through a wormhole would be like. Given that, the ending was kind of hard to buy: Entities to whom time is just another physical dimension, which they can move in at will, create a wormhole for humanity to use, and they also provide a means for Cooper to escape the black hole in one piece... uhhh, okay...
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I saw "Doctor Strange" in the theater last night. It was the first movie I'd seen in a theater since watching "The Martian" quite some time ago; Chiewetel Ejiofor (sp?) was in both movies but he sure looked different in this one.

I liked it. It had lots of fun special effects (and quite a bit of humor too, which I'd generally expect from a Marvel Comics based film). Considering there was a villain who was trying to take over (or maybe destroy) the world (that's so old... can't those jerks find something else to do?), there wasn't as much violence as in many other sci-fi or fantasy films.

Some have criticized the casting, which replaced some Asian characters in the comic books with non-Asian actors, although I thought Benedict Cumberbatch did a good job as the brilliant but initially-arrogant Dr Strange.
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I liked "Voyager", and also Kate Mulgrew as Janeway. The whole cast is good, and I think the theme music is my favorite of all the Star Trek series.
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Yep- the "Tuvix" episode was too down to suit me. I didn't like the one where
Ensign Kim from our universe died, but was replaced by his counterpart in another universe or timeline
I just finished watching "Arrival" on a viceodisc I borrowed from the library- I dawdled too long and missed it in the theater. I liked it better than "Star Wars VII- The Last Jedi" (which was what I saw- in the theater- before "Arrival"), but I liked them both. "Arrival" was more contemplative, with some mind-bending ideas, and Amy Adams was great in it.
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I think it was "Thor: The Dark World" (on DVD).
I just got off YouTube. I was watching a few Country Music Association awards clips from the 1980s. :confused: :p
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