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What's the last thing you watched?

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Tell us what TV show, movie, or music video you last watched. Did you enjoy it enough to recommend?


I last watched the final performances of the last four contestants on The Voice.

I enjoyed the show well enough, but I probably wouldn't watch another season. It kind of annoys me that so many (like Dia in the final four) already have/had recording contracts, tours and the like. I prefer contests featuring true amateurs.
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Fiddler On The Roof, the film with Topol, was on PBS today.
Teen Wolf.
About halfway through the miniseries, From The Earth To The Moon.
Thirteen Days, about the Cuban missile crisis. Pretty good flick.
I started to watch the 1st ep of The Playboy Club. It was dark and noir-like. Nostalgic too, set in the 60s- the old cars were cool. Seems like it was more about the mob, rather than Playboy. I had a long day yesterday, so I shut it off and went to bed.
The Cocoanuts- The Marx Bros.
Movie. The Paper Chase.
Went on a Blu-ray buying binge Friday, so it's been a movie marathon weekend.

Star Wars: A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi
From Russia With Love
2010: The Year We Make Contact
Re-run of Big Bang Theory. I didn't really watch it, but it was on, so.... My life is pitiful!
Star Wars: A New Hope.
Medicine Man. -Sean Connery, Lorraine Brocco.
Star Trek: The Next Gen, "Lower Decks."
Stand By Me.
Little Women. Not a bad holiday movie.
Roz in the Doghouse
Addams Family Values.
Star Trek: The Next Gen, episode, Schisms. Spooky!
Star Trek:The Next Gen, ep. "Time's Arrow, Pt. 1." (Watching Pt 2 now.)
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That's the one with Mark Twain, right? That was a pretty good build up in part 1, but the 2nd part was kind of disappointing.

I don't know, I thought for a time-travel story, they wrapped things up pretty well, and the culture clash was good: Twain on the Enterpise was a hoot ( seeing Worf, "Werewolf!") But you're right- they didn't follow up on the horror presented in the first part. They resolved it, but they didn't show it. It needed to be spookier. Also, they still don't say what the hell Picard's and Guinan's relationship really is. Was she supposed to be his squeeze?
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