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Just went to Barnes and Noble and got me a new stash of reading materials. This week I'm on a virus/hot agent binge.

I got:

"The Demon in the Freezer" - Richard Preston

already halfway through this book, so far it has been fascinating about the talks of smallpox history, it is on it's way to looping back to present day worries... I loved his earlier book "The Hot Zone"

"Our Stolen Future" - Theo Colborn, Dianne Dumanoski, John Peterson Myers

The "Silent Spring" of today, I have heard about this wonderful book and have been meaning to read it, and just today I saw it in the bookstore and snatched it up. It goes into detail about the chemical pollutant effects on our environment, animals, and ourselves. I'm sure I'll learn lots and hopefully can share what I've learned on a later date.

"The Coming Plague" - Laurie Garrett

'regarding the newly emerging diseases in a world out of balance', a huge book that discusses our ever increasing polluted water, improper use of antibiotics, how we're losing the war against infectious diseases and what we can do to stop them

Oh yes, and I finally broke down and bought a Harry Potter book (the first one) to break up the monotony of such heavy reading.

I pretty much read all day, and break it up with a few workouts on the treadmill, so yes, I'm an avid bookworm.
1 - 1 of 31 Posts
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