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I had the same problem with small snails that snuck in on plants for the aquarium. At first, I thought a couple of snails made the place look more "realistic"--diverse life in the aquarium. Then they went nuts and took over the aquarium. The problem with the small ones is that they lay eggs in little jelly blobs that are usually hard to see. So, for awhile I would suck out the 100 + babies (not counting all the ones too small to see or hiding) once a week and then let them go in some body of water. I didn't want to release them into grass because water snails will die without the water (so releasing them outside is as good as killing them). But then my friends started to get onto my for releasing unknown species into waterways, which is (potentially) ecologically dangerous. In the end (and I do feel bad about this), I bought a pair of clown loaches to keep the snails in check (there was no other way...).

Eventually, the loaches died and for some reason, the snail population has never been out of hand again.
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