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What to do with hulled yellow millet?

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I have some. What to do!?
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Hmm, I just use them the same way I use rice. I put veggies in my rice cooker, some water and millet and then I turn it on. That's all I know to do with it, sorry.
I'm not sure if my millet is hulled.....but it's definately yellow!

I usually treat millet like "RiceARoni" - I put a little oil in a pan and toast it on a medium heat for a while. Then I add water and cook it like rice.

Once it's cooked I add it to whatever - it's really versatile:

* eat it with raisins and crushed pecans for breakfast

* add it to soups and stews

* eat it as it is as a side dish

* add it to fried rice (or just plain rice)

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1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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