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what to do with grapefruit???

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lately i have been buying a lot more strawberries, bananas, oranges and apples than anything. I bought grapefruit today and right now i just put some sugar on it. Anybody have any ideas what to do with it other than just top it with sugar???
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I broil grapefruit with cinnamon and sugar and sometimes ginger for my sweetie for brunch/breakfast.

I like an avacado and grapefruit salad.

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I've never been one to sweeten my grapefruit. Of course, some varieties are sweeter than others. Right now, the Oro Blanco grapefruits in California are AMAZINGLY sweet and delicious!

I toss them into my kale or spinach salad, along with some nuts and avocado.
That sounds delicious. Thank you i think i might try that very soon.
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Give it to someone else who likes it
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thats a wonderful suggestion. My boyfriend has been steeling some of it all night. lol
i used to hate grapefruit it was to sour and bitter for me as a kid but i kinda like it now i am so excited to find out the other vegetarian recipies i can try. Tomorrow moring i am going to have granola with vanilla yogurt and some bananas maybe some apples too.
Ameetam I see you are a new member as well. I am very excited to meet you.
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Section it and dip or drizzle w melted chocolate

Juice it

Freeze sections for smoothies

Puree and cook with some sugar for a syrup or topping
Play catch with it. I am glad I find it gross because I am allergic.
im sorry. I thought it was good after i put some sugar on it. but i have yet to try everyone elses suggestion. Im alergic to mushrooms and i think they are disgusting. Its a fungus who wants to eat fungi? EWWWW!
Lots of folks think grapefruit is kind of harsh-tasting; you've got plenty of company! Oddly enough, I just peel it, pull the sections apart and eat it like normal people would eat an orange. I sometimes put the sections in quick-cooking (but uncooked) rolled oats with some water to moisten it all for a sort of wierd muesli, but I doubt you'd like it that way.
Orificial size-wise a grapefruit is comparative to a human being with what an orange is to a duck?

This, I reckon, is God's way of telling us, whenever anyone offers us a grapefruit, to tell them where to stuff it.
actually i am very open to new foods and ways to try them. I am very excited to try your way.
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