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On the other end of the food spectrum is not cooked food, not junk food, but FORMULA (actually I wouldn't even call it 'food').

Formula is high-caloric, nutrient-dense malnutrition. It gives only the illusion of being balanced and nourishing. It's a toxic concoction that cannot even keep many people alive, tube-fed patients literally starve to death. I was almost going to be one of them.

For years I've been living on a raw fruit diet. Except B12 I never had any deficiencies. I was skinny, but of excellent health.

I had some psychological issues which led to an unintentional weight loss and suicide attempts. I was locked up inside a psychiatric ward. My ideology and the psychiatrists' couldn't have been more diametrically opposed. I knew drugs wouldn't cure me, I knew supplemental drinks were poison and not even helpful for weight gain. For defying their authority and drugs and electroshocks not showing any results they decided to force-feed me. I was in touch with my body and knew I was not going to survive on artificial food. This prediction became true, unwilling to admit being mistaken they kept going despite continuous weight loss and deranged blood levels until I was close to starvation death.

Like a miracle I survived and regained weight on real food. I did the research and found out there is much evidence I'm not a rare case. Protein deficiency is very common among tube-fed patients, in spite of the high protein content.

Protein hydrolysates are much inferior, many people don't metabolize it at all or less efficiently. It does not help bodybuilders gain muscle.

If people die from too aggressive refeeding (more toxins a malnourished body can handle), they call it 'Refeeding Syndrome', which is only a cover for formula damage.

I hope raw foodists will look into this article, because this is a paradigm changing truth that will change people's belief systems about food, and shows how important a natural, unprocessed state is.

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