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What has meat in it that isn't obvious?

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I didn't know that gelatin has animal biproducts...ignorant, I know. So please help me. What else has animal parts in it?
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The list is something like: soaps, cosmetics, personal hygene items (lipstick etc.) processed food (marshmallows, gelatian etc.), Cheese coagulated using retin, cleaners, candles, waxes, lubricants, flavorings, many vitamins & suppliments (chondroiten, calcium, iron, B-12), pharmicuticals, clothing (silk, leather, wool, feathers, fur), jewelry (pearls, some things made with bone/ivory, mother of pearl, teeth, feathers), some inlays for furniture, musical instruments (bone, mother of pearl), violin & guitar strings, Piano keys, art supplies & pigments (hide glue, paintbrushes, paint), photography (film), airplane lubricant and runway foam, hydraulic break fluid...Printers ink for glossy magazine pages, The Road (asphalt), Automobile and bycycle tires (steric acid), Drywall (the walls of the house), cement blocks... old houses (horse hair in walls).


trypsin (for cleansing wounds and ulcers), corticotrophin (for treating allergies, arthritis and respiratory diseases), iron (for treating anemia), thrombin (for blood coagulation)... thyroid, insulin for diabetics, and a lot more!
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