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What has meat in it that isn't obvious?

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I didn't know that gelatin has animal biproducts...ignorant, I know. So please help me. What else has animal parts in it?
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Speaking of beetles. A sign at my local Krogers reads "We may spray our produce with vegetable oil, beeswax, or shellac." Yummy, apples and tomatoes coated with bettle juice.
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Where was the sign posted? I'm wondering if my Kroger has the same sign... I've never seen one. Sounds like a good reason to use a vegetable wash that dissolves that stuff.
Right in the produce section, on a black sign hanging above the veggies that were in the section where the veggies get misted.

PS: I sent them an email about it Saturday, asked them why they are coating their vegetables with an animal secretion, so I'm curious to get a response back. (ETA: I know the reason they do it--looks prettier and lasts longer, I just wanted to send an email letting them know I didn't like it
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