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What has meat in it that isn't obvious?

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I didn't know that gelatin has animal biproducts...ignorant, I know. So please help me. What else has animal parts in it?
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Well, now that others have mentioned some ingredients you may not have heard of before, I'm going to advise that you take care when buying cosmetics/personal products. Some things are obvious: 9 out 10 lip balms contain beeswax and/or lanolin so that can sometimes be a pain.

But I know I've found a few things over the years that have suprised me. I've found gelatin in lotions before (what use could gelatin possibly have in lotion... to make it chewy??
) and sometimes things will appear all fine and good until you get down to the last 3 ingredients and one of them, for some unknown reason, will be like, squalene (substance usually obtained from sharks' livers) or lanolin, or carmine, or some other completely unnecessary thing that could easily have been left out without affecting the quality of the product.
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