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I just had to stay at a hospital for a few days & have surgery. And right before, I remembered that I had heard somewhere that Jell-O had animal in it. That's weird to me. If I hadn't randomly heard it somewhere, I would have never known! So I was wondering if you guys could post some other foods/products that people often forget have animal in them.

I know Jell-O, and I read on here somewhere gummy bears too? And frosted mini wheats? Is this true?

Also chapstick? Peta's website sells "vegan chapstick", what does over the counter chapstick contain??

EDITED TO ADD: Marshmallows? Do those contain animal?
I think every single one of those contain gelatin, which comes from the connective tissue of animals. Others can point you towards long lists of hidden ingredients, most of which I don't know yet, either, but gelatin is the one really obvious one that's in lots and lots of stuff.


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