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Here's a starter page to animal ingredients, Just do an online search for animal products or animal ingredients.

Animal products are generally too numerous to say what does and does not. I tend to use the rule, "if I don't know what it is, I don't eat it." So I look at ingredients and verify that I know what they all are and where they come from. For example, Jello (and lots of gummie candies) contain gelatin (read what that is on the link).

I have found gummie type candies that contain vegetable gelatin, though. So it's best to read and research.

Also it's sometimes difficult to really say whether product X is vegan (or vegetarian) or not, since some are location specific (as in the same product has different ingredients depending on country).

Also a thing like "Vitamin E" could be animal derived or not, so to me it's important to know what the ingredients are of a product and what they're derived from...

I couldn't really say on the chapstick (it really depends) some have dairy products in them, some bees wax, some lanolin (I think?), and probably lots of others.

Another aspect (I'm not sure if you're vegan or vegetarian or if animal rights are important to you), but products being tested on animals is another area that I and many others find important, beyond just not eating animals.

Good luck.
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