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What does 'pesca' or 'pescan' mean?

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Im trying to figure out what this term means, but I havent been able to come up with a very suitable explanation. I figure it must mean one of three different things, but Im not sure which:

1). A lacto-ovo vegetarian who eats fish but does not eat mammals meat or poultry.

2). A vegan who makes an exception for fish but does not eat products originating from terrestrial animals.

3). The term is ambiguous by itself and can mean either of the two possibilities above.

Is any of the three explanations the right one, or does it mean something else entirely?
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answer one works for me, with a 'tarian' on the end- pescatarians eat the same foods as vegetarians, with the exception that they also eat fish. every pescatarian i've met also consumed dairy and eggs, so two wouldn't work for me.

i'm pretty sure the pesca bit comes from an old root latin/greek/etc word for fish, or something fish related- as its also used in words like pisces.
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