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What does 'pesca' or 'pescan' mean?

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Im trying to figure out what this term means, but I havent been able to come up with a very suitable explanation. I figure it must mean one of three different things, but Im not sure which:

1). A lacto-ovo vegetarian who eats fish but does not eat mammals meat or poultry.

2). A vegan who makes an exception for fish but does not eat products originating from terrestrial animals.

3). The term is ambiguous by itself and can mean either of the two possibilities above.

Is any of the three explanations the right one, or does it mean something else entirely?
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I think "pescan" is a better term than "pescaterian" which sounds like a (wannabe)vegetarian who eats (doesn't want to give up) fish, which is contradictory. If you eat fish, you are not vegetarian.

The term "pescan" more fits someone who eats fish as their only meat. Maybe i am nitpicking. But I am tired of being told that some "types" of vegetarians eat fish. No vegetarian of any type eats fish. period.

Sorry for ranting.
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I consider all those prefixes pretty much all ridiculous, but every step towards the goal is a step in the right direction.
Absolutely. Taking steps is great, and that is how we all got to where we are. But just a step doesn't constitute being a veg*n. And that was probably just pointless to say because it is basically preaching to the choir...
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