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It looks delicious. It will take me some time to go through it all (try).

I would like to make one suggestion though. Like your pancake. Try to get the ingrediant quantity down. It will make for a moe pleasent experience for the user if it comes out right the first time they try to make it.

have bookmarked your site and will be trying many of them.

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i like the site layout, its nice and clean and simple and easy to use. i like how you've kept it easily readable and put good photos next to the recipes, that really helps me want to cook things, knowing how tasty they'll look when finished!

some of the recipes are very simple too, which is nice for new vegans, younger, or more culinarily challenged people, but i think a couple could do with being a bit more descriptive/having a few more details/a few details changed.... for example:

some don't have the measurements in the ingredients section, but have them later in the recipe, some don't have measurements at all....the gram flour pancakes, for example, could definately do with measurements- i know without them i'd end up with gack! (the recipe i use says use 1:1 -cups- for toasted (stirred as its heated in a dry pan for a few minutes, till it smells a bit nutty and is slightly more golden in colour) gramflour to water, if that helps!) - missing out measurements might put people off from using the recipes, especially if they aren't confident cooks to begin with, or lead to them making vile recipes, which'll put them off cooking, etc....

i mean... (if i knew where to find tofu and what it was, for a start) in the tofu kebabs with peanut sauce recipe... it says '1/2 block tofu, vegetable oil, peanut butter'. tofu comes in blocks loads of different sizes, and in silken and firm, etc. if i used 1/2 a block of silken aceptically packed tofu, this recipe would be an awful mess... if i used 1/2 a block of the bulk water-packed firm tofu from my health food store, it'd be about 8 inches square, if i used 1/2 a block of the cauldron one from sainsburys, it'd be less than half that much - this would also affect how much sauce i'd need, for a start, so 2 tablespoons wouldnt cut it in all cases. and no disrespect, (sorry if you get offended) but i think perhaps the tofu could be marinated a bit (unseasoned tofu is an aquired taste) and the peanut sauce could do with perhaps something adding to the peanut butter to make it into a sauce, otherwise its 'tofu and peanut butter' - perhaps a little soysauce, ginger, garlic, and lemon juice mixed in, or something, just to make it tasty?

also, things like the burger and fries recipe and the nutloaf and gravy recipe, i feel could be relabelled as something more like 'quick and easy grilled mushroom 'burger'' and 'tasty gravy for nutloaf' cos i was thinking 'oooh, a new veggieburger recipe' and 'oooh, a new nutloaf recipe- i need one!' and was a bit disapointed/confused when i saw that they weren't what i expected at all.

similarly with the strawberry jelly recipe, it'd be nice if you explained that normal jelly is made from gelatine, which is cow bones and stuff, but that many jellies are available made with things like agar agar (sewaweed) which is vegan suitable... you can even get rowntrees jelly pots in supermarkets which are vegetarian friendly! then suggest some actual recipes for making jelly, or tell readers the name of a brand of vegan jelly crystals, and where to get it. to be honest... saying 'put strawberries in your jelly' isn't really a recipe to me (although i'm impressed that you put the bit about fruits that'll stop jelly setting!).

i think the best way to make sure readers have enough info to use the recipes, might be adding a 'tips and hints' bit at the bottom of some recipes. eg: for the cajun mayo recipe... it would be cool if you had something above or below the recipe like 'never used vegan mayo? don't know where to get it? try looking for 'vegenaise' in holland and barrett, larger tescos, or your local health food store- also, remember, brand vary a lot, so if you don't like one, try a different one, or alternatively, you could make this one from our tasty recipe, yourself!' at the bottom of the page.

i know that if i'd come to that page as a new vegan, or as someone cooking for a vegan for the first time, i might be thinking 'ok, i can make vegan mayo spicy, now where the heck do i get vegan mayo???' i know that its easy to forget that lots of new vegans or non vegans (and even some oldschool vegans who don't get out much!) have never heard of hummus, or gramflour, and might not know where to find it, or what it even is, but i think its really important to make recipes as user friendly as possible... especially if you want people to use them, spread the word about how easy, tasty, and cool vegan food is.... and buy your book off ebay!

i hope this helps (and that i was objective enough to not make you want to beat me round the head with a big slab of firm tofu).
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