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How do you handle gross food that you spent $ on?

  • Grin and bear it - I just eat it, why waste food?

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  • I give it to someone else, now it's their burden!

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  • I put it in a container and put it in the fridge. I promise I'll find a use for it later!

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  • Get it over with and throw it out!

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What do YOU do with gross food you bought?

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I was just wondering what everyone else does with food that they bought that turned out to be not as good as expected (or rather, gross).

I made some kind of eggplant dish a couple weeks ago and it was... not so good. I think I messed up AND the eggplant was just a little odd to me (I couldn't finish it and I'm NOT a picky eater!). Thank GAWD my dad found it edible (although, asked me not to experiment with eggplant again) and I believe he finished it.

So what do you do?
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i do all of the above, depending on what it is, how salvageable it is, and who else is around.

my bf will eat almost anything. i doubt he even has tastebuds. so he's often the first try. if that fails, or if i really want it to work, i'll attempt a rescue operation. if not, it lurks for a while in the fridge, i feel guilty, and it eventually gets donated to the bin.
I give it to my husband. He usually eats everything I make whether he likes it or not. If he doesn't like it, it goes in the frig and I find it several weeks later, sometimes growing mold, and I throw it out. I have some vegan cheese in the frig which can only be described as gross (and I seldom use that word on good food). I couldn't even pawn it off on my vegan friend--he tasted it and told me I could keep it. I'm hoping to hide some of it in a veggie burger or nut roast.
Most of my money wasted has been on vegan cheese...until I found Vegan Gourmet mozzarella, that is. It is the only vegan cheese I can tolerate.
At home, I either:

a) Put it in the compost heap. I don't follow all the little rules for making good compost--we have plenty of good soil in our backyard, so the compost heap is just a place to get rid of food without filling up the landfills.

b) If it's not too unhealthy for my pets I refrigerate it and mix the leftovers into their meals until it's all gone. If it's a bread product or cereal or something like that I dump the entire thing behind the chicken coop for the chickens and songbirds. We also put cereal in tupperware and periodically give pieces to the parrots as treats.

c) Leave it in the fridge and see if any of the bottomless pits I live with eat it. I once put a gross veggie burger in there hoping that a few days of refrigeration would tone down the taste, and when I got hungry later and looked for it, it was gone! Everyone in my house is omni and it wasn't even a realistic mock meat! Or tasty!

At school I usually leave it sitting in my room for ages because I feel guilty about throwing it away until I finally toss it, or else take it home with me on break and do one of the above.
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We have been really lucky so far and have not run into this problem almost at all. I really know what I like and do not like and am rather hesitant to try really new things.

It's funny cause my husband too will eat much more than me, and if I try making new things he is great about eating them.

No matter what I do not throw the food away as I know there is always someone who can eat it - just be resourceful!
Generally when I make food thats bad its because its been burnt to a crisp. I really really hate the taste of burnt so that goes in the bin

if not I can tolerate almost anything so will eat it anyway!
I am a really picky eater and so therefore I rarely try new foods.BUT if I do try something new and don't like it I willl do one of two things.I will either give it to my rats (if it is safe for them) as they rarely do not eat something or I will see if one of my sisters (also vegetarian) or my daughter will eat it.
Goes in the compost bin. Or if it's bread based it goes on the bird table.
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I HAVE to eat it whether I like it or not. I have an impossibly tight grocery budget, there is no way I have the luxury of "experimenting" with the unknown.

I'm fairly open to new things, but I know if I buy it, it HAS to be a meal component for the next week. If I got or made something and we didn't like it, we would go without food for that meal.
Yeah, I acutally have to agree with Brandon--I haven't met a vegetable I didn't like yet. Some are just pickier about how they are cooked.

Worse comes to worse I'd put it in a strong curry as fodder hehe...

As for really gross pre-made sauces/imitation products/etc... I try to fix it best I can (like add extra flavors to the sauce etc.) but I'll admit some of them gather dust in my fridge until they clearly need to go.
Um.... Usually, it just goes bad after being in the freezer for maybe half an eon. *Blushes* What can I say? Some recipes just don't offer the right chutzpah (sp?). lol
I usually throw it out! Life is too short to eat bad food! Yeah, I do feel a bit guilty about doing this, but it's not too often that it happens. And it is really (really) important to me that I enjoy the food that I eat.

The times I haven't liked food is mostly because I have been to the asian supermarket and bought products that i don't know what they are because I want to try something new! I can't read the labels on most of them because they are asian, so I just have to guess what it is and how to prepare it! (But don't worry, they do have the ingredients listed in English so I can ensure they are vegan
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I think the only gross food product that I have bought in recent times has ben a tinned curry from an asian supermarket near where I used to live last year. I just ate it with some chapatis and tried not to 'taste' it, also washing it down with plenty of water.

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I usually eat it, i've been brought up not wasting anything and when it's my money I'm wasting I want to do it even less.
I give it to the dogs if it's dog safe or outside critters (squirrels and racoons aren't quite as picky about bread and cereal as I am.) Fruit juices (I'm picky there too) that I don't like I give to my sister or youngest nephew--they will drink anything.

Otherwise I throw it out.
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