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What an AWESOME Day!!!!!

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Not sure if this is the right place but I have to glout. At the studios I work at we did a 1/2 hour show with a nk shelter. Well it's my job to get the show on three of our four channels. I totally plastered said channels playing it close to 20 times a week between the 3 channels for about a month. I got an email from them today. All of the dogs that were guests on the show are in the process of being adopted and since the first airing their website has gotten 16,000 hits!!!!! And on top of that I got some awesome PSA's to play from In Defense of Animals. I feel good, kinda like things I do are helping....

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The Psa's had James Cromwell, talking about "Companion Animals", The singer from Goldfinger talking about animal research and a huge Vegan bodybuilder also talking about research. They are pretty effictive! We screened them yesterday and when the bodybuilder came on I looked at all the omnis and said, "Vegans don't get enough protein huh?" and walked away!
which bodybuilder? Kenneth Williams? how come he didn't talk about veganism itself?
Im not sure who the body builder was and he was doing a PSA for In Defense of Animals, he did metion veganism though.
Thanks they are coming back on the 11th to do another show with 10 more awesome dogs.
1 - 13 of 13 Posts
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