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Oh goodness, I had totally forgotten the tight security of army posts (and even more so since 9/11). First off, Ft. Drum, is for the record as far as you can go in NY without driving off into Canada. It is flat and barren and even in the summer you get the feeling of snow and COLD winters.

Anyway, Madison had a great trip (she was particularly taken by the Northern Appalacian MTS. in upstate NY). And there was quite an obstacle course at the army gate
. For a minute I had the feeling I was going to have to get out of the car and do some repelling or wall climbing, or crawl on my belly under barbed wire with Madison while people fired over our heads (this happened in boot camp
). I literally had to drive through a maze just to get to the gate. Then, the MP's took all my records (license insurance and registration) and told me to pull up. Nobody mentioned Iwas supposed to get out of the car and enter the guardshack, and after fifteen hours of driving, I wasn't really 'on the ball' (not that I ever am). So we pulled up and sat. After about ten minutes, a particularly nice mp came up to the car and said, "Apparently nobody mentioned to you that you should GET OUT and COME IN." Good lord. I couldn't enter the post without a military person signing me in. Being a veteran apparently didn't help...not to mention that because we sat in the car next to the guardpost for fifteen minutes perhaps they thought I was an Iraqi sympathizer with a car bomb.

Anyway, we're here, in the middle of nowhere. It's nice seeing old friends again though. OH, these people have cable modem, which I must say beats the hell out of my dinky little discount service

More later.

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