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This is for any other veg*ns out there who have hypothyroidism and are struggling with weightloss:

I was diagnosed with severe hypothyroidism about 3 months ago (I shot up from 160lbs to 210 in the 3 months before I was diagnosed). My doctor has had me on a correct level of synthroid for about a month, and I've already lost like 6lbs without really changing anything on my lifestyle.

The best part: My doctor actually recomended the vegetarian or vegan lifestyle, and said I could continue taking synthroid because its COMPLETELY SYNTHETIC!!!

Talk about a string of luck for me and anyone else out there with the same problems!

If you do have thyroid issues, and are worried about the vegetarian lifestyle or medications for hyper/hypothyroidism, DEFINETLY TALK TO YOU DOCTOR...They are much mroe helpful than they appear ^_^

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hey soochi

and seasiren

me too


went years without proper diagnosis though

so, eventually developed a large tumor

and entire thyroid had to be removed 10 years ago

i had hashimotos

all symptoms calmed down

once tumor was removed

and i got on proper dosage of levothroid

my body didn't respond to synthroid at all

but i know most people are fine with it

weight is still an issue for me

it's a typical issue with hypothyroidism

even once on the meds

however, proper eating and daily exercise helps alot

i just have to work out twice as hard to get same results as others


but, it's just the way it is...

a few things my nutritionist noted:

if you take calcium supplements

make sure to take them at night

as they strongly interfere with the medication

it was a really beneficial change for me

and the calcium/masgneseum is a natural mood stabilizer and relaxer too

so it's wonderful to take right before bed anyway...

she also believes that since hypothyroidism is an immune disorder

it's extremely important to keep the colon healthy

for a healthy immune system...keep it in balance

so i also take lactobicillus acidophilus supplements

to keep my colon bacteria, etc., in balance...

she says that if we don't keep our colons healthy

especially when we're prone to immune disorders

the immune system could potentially attack another organ in the body...

so, just thought i'd share these tidbits with you

there is SO much to learn

oh, if you do yoga

there are yoga postures which can help

one is the shoulder stand

this increases blood flow to the neck/thyroid area

for healing...

wishing you well,


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I had Grave's disease years ago and had the radiation treatment to destroy my thyroid. I got lucky and it only destroyed half of it and the remaining half still produced some. I was on synthroid for years, even after I became a vegetarian. Once I went vegan however I was able to stop taking the synthroid all together. It should probably also be noted that I eat a very healthy vegan diet.

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I have mild hypothyroidism and take a low dose of synthroid - its been a year and a half since I started it. It has definitely helped me - I used to think I was narcoleptic and went through extensive sleep study only to find out from blood work that it was my thyroid. I certainly don't want to be on it for the rest of my life though.
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