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Discussion Starter · #1 · is the end of my first veg week.

I am so surprised that I haven't even wanted to eat meat! The thought of meat still disgusts me and I really wonder if that will ever change.

I am so proud of myself for trying new foods and combinations. I really do get a great sense of accomplishment from helping to save a poor, defenseless animal and my environment.

In embracing my new lifestyle, I have decided to start doing more things that help me clear my mind and focus on the truly important things. I am in the process of organizing my life, ie completing a budget, organizing my work schedule, and spring cleaning my house. I also want to start organizing my mind! Tomorrow, I take my first yoga class. I am signed up to do yoga twice a week for an hour and a half on Mondays and Wednesdays. I really think that this will help me with some of my tension and stress levels.

Here's to new things!
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