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Here are the definitions that's in the FAQ of this board

What are the different types of vegetarians?

Omnivore - Potential vegetarian.

Pescetarian - Someone that consumes fish but is otherwise vegetarian.

Lacto-ovo vegetarian - A vegetarian that consumes dairy (lacto) or eggs (ovo). It is possible to be one or the other. If you consume dairy but not eggs you'd be a lacto-vegetarian. If you consume eggs but not dairy you'd be an ovo-vegetarian. Most vegetarians fall under the lacto-ovo category.

Strict vegetarian - Vegan (see below). I listed this one seperately because I think it's possible for someone to follow a strict vegetarian diet without sharing the ethics that go along with a vegan lifestyle.

Vegan - A vegetarian that attempts to avoid all animal products and byproducts.

Raw - I believe most raw foodists are vegan but I'm not positive. They eat raw foods or foods cooked under a certain temperature (I've read 116-120 degrees F) because they feel that is the way to get optimum benefits from food.

Fruitarian - Will not eat anything that kills the plant. I've never actually met one of these, online or off.
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