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Waterproof Vegan Boots

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I know there's another shoe thread, but my question is more specific so started this thread to get responses tailored to my needs.

What I want: Boots (preferably hiking boots) that could conceivably blend in to a business casual environment that are waterproof and don't cost hundreds of $$. I'm looking more around the $100 range or less.

(and vegan, obviously :))
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I've found it really time-consuming trying to find good vegan options for outdoor gear too. Merrell and Lowa both do a boot, but maybe just over the $100 range. Found a good list of all the vegan hiking boots available on a website called Vegan Adventurist. Maybe worth a look.
newrockbootsuk dot com/vegan/
http :// newrockbootsuk dot com/vegan/

it wont let me post links so search for "new rock boots vegan"
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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