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Washington VegFest in March - Anyone else going?

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VegFest is once again coming to Seattle Center!

March 29 - 30, 2008.

I'll get a link when I'm in less of a hurry. Anyway if you haven't been, it's a lot of fun, informational, interesting and a bazillion samples of veggie food to taste.

My kids and I usually meet a couple other VBers for lunch beforehand somewhere in Seattle, then proceed on to VegFest. Not that we need lunch with all the samples, but some of us don't get to Seattle more than a few times a year, so we make a day of it.

Anyway, it's a fun event and a great way to learn more about vegetarianism, activism in Washuington, and what sorts of new products are out there.
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I'm going. I try to go every year. I love vegfest. It can be a lot of samples. I wish they would bring more products to sell though as they usually have the ones sampling discounted but only a few of the booths seem to do this.
I didn't know seattle had a vegfest and will definitely be going!
^^^Second largest in the US (so the poster said last year). It's a lot of fun!!
OK, I forgot to come back and post it but here's a LINK TO VEGFEST.

The Sprouts and The Frogster and I will be there Sunday about noon, will we run into any of you there?
That's right. My favorite person will be taking me. This will be my first time to an event like this.
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I havent decided whether to go to the Vegfest or Greenfest this year. The dates are so close together and I wont be able to afford both trips, so I will have to see which schedule will work best for my husband and I.
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