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Kia ora,

I am a new zealand Vegan film student about to begin shooting a documentary about vegan kids.

I am really keen to get information from any parents (or kids even) who are vegan or thinking about bringing up there kids vegan.

My doco aims to dispell the myths and fears surrounding the diet and hopefully offer a very easy to follow plan for new mums and dads.

I am going to shoot a vegan childrens birthday party in august in london. and was hoping to get a whole bunch of vegan recipes for cakes, sausage rolls etc- party junk food. If anyone has vegan choclate cake banana cake or kids party food recipes id love to have a peep. I will also be publishing a recipe book which will accompany the video, which will have recipes which have been tried and tested from vegan families around the world . so if you are a fantastic cook and would be happy to share your talent id love to hear from you.

i can not afford to pay you for this but will cetainly place your name in the with thanks section.

If you are one of the many veggies out there who have concerns about enforcing a vegan diet on a child, or who thinks bringing up kids vegan is cruel PLEASE email me with your concerns, as this will help me with what questions are most needed to cover .

Also if you live in the uk or europe if you would be willing to be filmed definantly contact me asap.

My e add is [email protected] or of course you can talk to me here.

cheers cassx
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