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I just randomly found this old video on YouTube. This song is also on one of the PETA cds.



Nina Hagen (Germany) & Lene Lovich

We all want to see thru life's mysterey

The quest for knowledge is a natural activity

But science be careful -- science be kind

We can't go on pretending to be blind

Those animal experiments don't make sense

You're getting nowhere with cruelty and death

I say ignorance was some excuse

But uh-uh not now -- you see we got the proof

A-a-aanimal testing is a dangerious game

All systems are different -- we're not the same

It's a terrible risk -- so no surprise

We get wrong results -- hey what about Thalidomide

Abuse yourself of your own free will

Get hurt -- get high -- get in distress

But don't drag the animals into this mess

No more torture! The animals are free

The same with messing around with atomic energy

Hey hey doctor - reincarnation

Would you like to come back as a laboratory rat?

Here we are coiled like a sleeping snake

We got to expand out potential

Forgod's sake

If we want to avoid this endless human riot

Why don't we start by changing our diet

Life is for living -- the animals agree

If they were meant to be eaten

They'd be growing on trees

So no more torture of our furry friends

In the name of food or scientific ends

The pressure is on -- be antivivisection!

All our scientists are messing up - they don't succeed

Let the psychics tell what the spirits think we need

Our super friends from other planets want to give advice

But the money orientated business doesn't think that's nice

Come on let's educate the mutated human race

By the super power of amazing grace

The missing link of human evolution

Is sexuality - it needs a spiritual revolution

My individual god identity

Is what you've gotta meet

It's the rhythm of the beat

Don't kill the animals

Don't kill the animals

The animals are free

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I had trouble identifying which ones were the animals. And um, is that what it looks like on the crotch of the one singer's leotard? *blush*

Today's kids who want to bring back the 80s look have no idea what they're getting into *lol*
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