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I just randomly found this old video on YouTube. This song is also on one of the PETA cds.<br><br><br><br><a href="" target="_blank"></a><br><br><br><br>
Lyrics:<br><br><br><br><div class="quote-container"><span>Quote:</span>
<div class="quote-block">DON'T KILL THE ANIMALS<br><br>
Nina Hagen (Germany) & Lene Lovich<br><br><br><br><br><br>
We all want to see thru life's mysterey<br><br>
The quest for knowledge is a natural activity<br><br>
But science be careful -- science be kind<br><br>
We can't go on pretending to be blind<br><br>
Those animal experiments don't make sense<br><br>
You're getting nowhere with cruelty and death<br><br>
I say ignorance was some excuse<br><br>
But uh-uh not now -- you see we got the proof<br><br>
A-a-aanimal testing is a dangerious game<br><br>
All systems are different -- we're not the same<br><br>
It's a terrible risk -- so no surprise<br><br>
We get wrong results -- hey what about Thalidomide<br><br>
Abuse yourself of your own free will<br><br>
Get hurt -- get high -- get in distress<br><br>
But don't drag the animals into this mess<br><br><br><br>
No more torture! The animals are free<br><br>
The same with messing around with atomic energy<br><br>
Hey hey doctor - reincarnation<br><br>
Would you like to come back as a laboratory rat?<br><br>
Here we are coiled like a sleeping snake<br><br>
We got to expand out potential<br><br>
Forgod's sake<br><br>
If we want to avoid this endless human riot<br><br>
Why don't we start by changing our diet<br><br>
Life is for living -- the animals agree<br><br>
If they were meant to be eaten<br><br>
They'd be growing on trees<br><br>
So no more torture of our furry friends<br><br>
In the name of food or scientific ends<br><br>
The pressure is on -- be antivivisection!<br><br><br><br>
All our scientists are messing up - they don't succeed<br><br>
Let the psychics tell what the spirits think we need<br><br>
Our super friends from other planets want to give advice<br><br>
But the money orientated business doesn't think that's nice<br><br><br><br>
Come on let's educate the mutated human race<br><br>
By the super power of amazing grace<br><br>
The missing link of human evolution<br><br>
Is sexuality - it needs a spiritual revolution<br><br>
My individual god identity<br><br>
Is what you've gotta meet<br><br>
It's the rhythm of the beat<br><br><br><br>
Don't kill the animals<br><br>
Don't kill the animals<br><br>
The animals are free</div>

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I remember when this song was on the radio. <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/images/smilies/thumbsup.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title=":up:">

Vegan Police Officer
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I also came across it the other day. Nice.<br><br><br><br>
Nina Hagen rocks. (She's my generation and she sure shook us all up nicely when she hit the scene!)

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I had trouble identifying which ones were the animals. And um, is that what it looks like on the crotch of the one singer's leotard? *blush*<br><br>
Today's kids who want to bring back the 80s look have no idea what they're getting into *lol* <img alt="" class="inlineimg" src="/images/smilies/grin.gif" style="border:0px solid;" title=":D">
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