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Originally Posted by mom_anna_chris View Post

This diet is so limiting, that I think I'll be coming here a lot to keep it up!
Please, come here all you need!
If you feel that a vegan diet is limiting and therefore challenging, perhaps pick up some vegan cookbooks, look online for some vegan potlucks near you, and start experimenting on making your old-favourites in a vegan friendly way?? I found the exact opposite when I went vegan - it opened ALL KINDS of doors for foods I would have never branched out and tried. I was used to my same meat-and-potatoes diet, or fast food, or whathaveyou - the easy things I knew how to make. When I went vegan I became a major foodie, wanting to try all kinds of new dishes, styles of foods, and ingredients.

Try to have a positive outlook, it can only help! If you focus on the "restrictive" nature of veganism it will surely feel like a challenge. Perhaps revisit the reasons why you went vegan in the first place - animals? environment? health? spirituality? all of the above? - it's a wonderful way of life, and is sustainable for the long haul - but it's important to see the great adventures in the kitchen that will be coming your way.

If you need help, have any questions, want assistance in veganizing your fave recipes, you name it - please post!!

Welcome, and congrats on making a great choice
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