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Hello Vegetarian community

Being a vegetarian I have always had trouble finding vegetarian food options where ever I go. That inspired me to build a tool - VegHood - where one can not just find handpicked vegetarian restaurants but find vegetarian food options in practically any restaurant around you. Imagine, you are standing at time square in nyc and want to find out which is the best place to go eat as a vegetarian around here. VegHood is built to help you find that. Currently its only supported in major cities in US but is being expanded to more and more.

I have also incorporated some really useful features, like you can search for a vegetarian food item with avacado, burrito, pasta etc in the restaurants menu. You can also, quickly lookup a restaurant on the site to see what vegetarian options it has to offer.

I d like to ask you all to take some time to try the site and iphone app
( if you like and provide any feedback if you find it helpful. Also, please dont forget to 'VegUp' a restaurant if you have been to one and found it to be a great place for fellow vegetarians

Your feedback will help me to build this place which i believe will help every vegetarian. Please post your comments and let me know what you think of it.

Thanks - AJ
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