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Michael: Good eveing ladies and gentleman and welcome to the 2nd Annual Veggieboards Grudge Match! I am your host, along with the KC Kid.

KC Kid: What up y'all?

Michael: Tonight we are pleased to bring you a stellar match up! 1vegan and Kurmudgeon will be taking on Tame in a handicap match!

KC: I don't think you should call 1vegan and Kurmudgeon handicapped! They are handi-capable.

Michael: Right. Anyway, let's get the introductions started.

<"Give Peace a Chance" begins playing over the loudspeaker.>

Michael: And here they come now! 1vegan and Kurmudgeon are making their way to the ring...and wait a appears they are being accompanied by ThatAlpacaGuy!

KC: Yes, I believe TAG has been signed on as the manager for 1vegan and Kurm. Kind of a blind leading the blind deal.

Michael: And what's that I hear now? Yes! "Stars and Stripes Forever" is being played! That can only mean one thing...

KC: Enter the Tame Dawg!

Michael: And look! Robert is coming to the ring with Tame! And he is wheeling a keg of Moosehead in a wheelbarrow.

KC: Seems Tame is preparing for his usual multiple beer warm-up.

Michael: Wait a minute! It seems our referee Mushroom is ordering Robert away from ringside. She is telling him that he is not a registered manager, and cannot be present! The odds are now really stacked in this match!

KC: Yeah, 1vegan and Kurm don't stand a chance. Hey! Have Robert wheel that keg over here before he leaves.

Michael: Okay, Mushroom has given her instructions and we are ready to start. It looks like 1vegan will start in the ring first for his team.

KC: Tame comes flying out of his corner with a series of fists to 1vegan's head! Man those are hard shots!

Michael: Oh my gosh! Those smacks sound like someone busting watermelons with a sledgehammer!

KC: 1vegan is dazed and confused. Even more than usual!

Michael: Tame continues his assault with some vicous chops to the chest.

KC: 1vegan manages to get away and tag in Kurm!

Michael: Tame picks up where he left off on 1vegan! He's beating Kurm like he stole something!

KC: He probably did!

Michael: Kurm is now shrieking like a schoolgirl! He avoids Tame's attempt at a clothesline and tags 1vegan back in the match!

<<To be continued>>

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KC: 1vegan enters the ring slowly! He and Kurm have been treated like $2 hookers at a Shriner's convention! They are hitting the floor early and often!

Michael: TAG has now jumped onto the ring apron and is distracting Mushroom!

KC: Kurm is sneaking back in the ring! He hits Tame from behind while Mushroom isn't looking!

Michael: Tame is dazed and oh my gosh! 1vegan has gotten Tame into a headlock and they are forcing him to smell Kurm's armpit! No man deserves this punishment!

KC: My gosh! Did you see that armpit? It looked like Kurm has Al Sharpton in a headlock!

Michael: Tame is gasping for breath. He seems out of it now. Kurm should have to register that odor as a WMD!

KC: 1vegan tags Kurm in legally. Mushroom turns around...she's seems confused at why Tame is on the ground.

Michael: Kurm climbs to the top rope and prepares to dive off onto Tame! This will surely end the match!

KC: Wow! Tame moved out of the way at the last second! Kurm is hurt! Tame now starts to go to work with a series of elbow drops!

Michael: TAG is back on the ring apron again! He is screaming at Mushroom. She needs to get control of this match!

KC: What's 1vegan doing? He's taking off his shoe?

Michael: Seems the little Dutch Boy brought his wooden shoes! He hits Tame in the back of the head! Tame is down! Tame is down!

KC: Kurm gets back to his feet! He holds Tame up while 1vegan prepares to hit him again!

Michael: Mushroom has turned around...she sees what is happening...she grabs 1vegan's arm...she won't let him hit Tame with the wooden shoe!

KC: 1vegan struggles with Mushroom...he tries to pull the shoe away...1vegan accidentally hits Mushrrom with the shoe...she is out!

Michael: And now these 3 villains are preparing to attack Tame again! This is horrible!

KC: Wait! The crowd is going nuts!

Michael: Oh my gosh! Robert is coming back to the ring!

KC: And he has his hockey stick! He flies into the ring!

Michael: He smacks TAG with the hockey stick!


Michael: Kurm turns around...he gets a slapshot across his face!


Michael: 1vegan tries to back away! Slasphot again!


Michael: Tame staggers to his feet...Robert tosses Tame a bottle of tequila...Tame takes a swig and looks ready for action!

KC: Tame picks 1vegan up and tosses him into the ropes...and..yes...he gives him his "Patriot Missile" shoulder block!

Michael: 1vegan is out! Robert jumps outside the ring and helps Mushroom get back in the ring...

KC: Tame has Kurm to his feet...he picks him up in a fireman's carry...and..yes...front face neckbreaker! The Pimp Slap!

Michael: Tame covers Kurm for the pin! 1...2...3! It's over! Tame has defeated Kurm and 1vegan in the handicap match!

KC: That's handi-capable!

Michael: Whatever. Tame, Robert, and Mushroom are celebrating in the middle of the ring with the tequila! Well, that's all ladies and gentleman! Join KC and I next time for Veggieboards Grudge Match 3!

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Originally posted by Kurmudgeon

Okay, so while we wait for Grudge Match 3 how about Veggieboards Fudge Match 1 with Tame and KC Kid?
Dude. This is not the appropriate place to post about your sexual fantasies. We have kiddies online!

So...take yourself back to your room in your mon's basement with an item of produce of your choice and have fun! G'night!
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