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Veggie Food in Vegas (Strip)

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This week will be my first trip to Vegas since I was 9. Anyone have food suggestions? I'll have a car, but would rather just walk places. I'm staying on the strip. Thanks
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The Wholefoods on the southside of Las Vegas Blvd is usually where I stick to grab a quick lunch if I am down that way. In Planet Hollywood there is a PF changs and a mexican restaurant(cant remember the name) that serves a portabello grilled fajita that is really good. I hear the Cheesecake Factory inside Caesars Palace has some easy veg options. There is a Mediteranian type restaurant named Paymons that has lots of veg options. Hard Rock cafe has a veggie burger and Harley Davidsons cafe has a wrap that's veg and can be made vegan, but it's not very good...but an option. As far as 'special' not sure. I havent been to any of the Wynn restaurants yet, but I always hear great things about the vegan menus.
Wonderful list! Thank you. I think I'm going to head over to Cheesecake Factory for dinner. I wanted to do something more upscale originally, but financially, it's just not doable at $40-65 a person. I was going to go with CPK in The Mirage (where Beatles Love is), but I had that on Sunday. I LOVE Hard Rock Cafe's burger, but I had a burger for lunch. HRC would have been better, wish I had remembered it.

I wish the buffet at Wynn was cheaper for veggies, at $35 a person, that's too much right now.

In a magazine left in my room, it talks about veggie friendly places, but they're all the $55 a person restaurants.
21 - 21 of 21 Posts
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